Create a WordPress Website

Here we will Create a complete WordPress website. Follow the steps as you read this and at the end you will have a Website with you.

Let's dive directly to Create complete WordPress website.

So as a simple introduction we would like to let you know how a website comes to life, and the pillars behind it. As we proceed, We will come across these Pillars to Create a complete WordPress website..

  • Hosting
  • Domain
  • Themes
  • Plugins



Let's start with hosting, So if are new to making websites a hosting is the heart of the website. That is where the website stays and let people to connect to it. If you wish to learn more about hosting, We have a place for that HERE.

First you have to buy a hosting package from a hosting provider. A Shared Hosting is a good option for WordPress sites.
Here's some top providers we recommend. You could buy them with a discount by buying from the links below.

Choosing a Hosting Package:

There's is a dedicated hosting plan for WordPress called WordPress Hosting.
We personally don't have so much interest about that, we go with the standard web hosting where we can install WordPress with installers like Softaculous. Most of the hosting plans comes Softaculous installed by default.

When you buy hosting with Bluehost, WordPress is installed automatically.


Which plan to buy?

Basically it depends!

If you are here just to learn go with the basic one.
But if you are creating website for your business, you have to have more storage, bandwidth, So go for the better option based on your budget and requirements.

Options varies based on the providers.
We recommend for your hosting.

  • Bluehost - Why? WordPress recommends..


Every hosting might come with a free domain so you dont have to pay for a domain. Just choose a right domain for your business needs. If you already have a domain, link up that domain when you buy a hosting.

A domain can be bought from one provider and the hosting can be with other provider. Thats not a problem.

Once you bought your hosting and if your are set, You will be received an email with cpanel login details where you can access your portal using the link provided to you. If you enter your credentials,  you will see something similar to this.



That's the main part in your application, so keep your credentials safe.

Its recommended to change your password your cpanel after you first logged in.

To change password in your Cpanel, scroll down and you will see Preferences -> Password & Security.

Change Password


Installing WordPress:

When you buy hosting with Bluehost, WordPress is installed automatically. If not installed use the following steps to install.

Now that you have logged into your cpanel we can install WordPress using Softaculous installer.

Scroll down below till you find something like this.



Click on the Softaculous installer and select WordPress.

Softaculous Installer page will look something similar to this.

Click Install Now.

You will be asked to fill some details before installing.

Wordpress setup

You need to keep the site url only as full domain name like in the image to get WordPress installed in the main path. If you provide any directory then WordPress will be installed on that path.

Then your website will work when you go to directory.  And you need to check that before installing.

Wordpress Email and Password

Also make a note on the password and username you mentioned, and keep it safe. You will be using those to login to your wordpress dashboard.

Also We recommend you add your email at the last to get the details of your installation to your email for future reference.

Now your WordPress is ready to use.

WordPress will be installed in the path where you specified during installation.

Now if you type your domain name in the browser you will see your webpage up and running.

It's time to customize your site.


Every WordPress website starts with a theme. When you first install WordPress by default it installs you a number of themes. Mostly basic themes. You could see themes installed in Appearance -> Themes in the side bar. By using default themes you can make a pretty decent looking website.


If you wish to make a really cool looking website, you could search new themes or you can download any theme and upload that theme to your wordpress site.
We also recommend you to check out some of the premium themes if you really need a business styled website. Premium themes gives a Premium look to your websites. Check out the following links if you are really interested in premium themes and could afford it.

Check out themes here


The next thing you do is to install plugins that will help you in building  your website faster and also helps in maintaining your website. Plugins in WordPress helps you to do any task from Building your page, sending emails, handling traffics to your website and much more.

To add a plugin go to Appearance ->plugins -> Add New


Search and install or upload a plugin you downloaded from the internet. Its easy to find plugins in the with basic options. You can try using the plugins with basic options, But most of the features will be available in their PRO pack. So if you are interested upgrade your subscription too.

Check Essential Plugins needed for a WordPress Website to make it Great! and install all those plugins. Thats it your Website is ready.

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Thanks for reading this one till the end.

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