Essential Plugins needed for a WordPress Website to make it Great!

    Here we will see the Essential Plugins needed for a WordPress Website to make it Great!.

    When you have a WordPress site, you really need to install some of the plugins that will help you in working with your website with ease.

    If don't have a WordPress website yet. Create a WordPress website.

    There are some features that your website needs or information about your website that you need. We will list the features you need to make your website great.







    The first plugin you need is a page builder. Think whenever you write something you need to make all the looks of your website very appealing that communicates with your audience. If that's not appealing to you then your visitors won't see them appealing, right?

    Page builder plugins will help in reducing the hard work for you with organising your layouts, images, videos etc., with a drag and drop. If you need to add custom styles you could also do that.

    We recommend some plugins that will do the trick for you






    The next thing you really need is to build up your own Audience.
    Your audience are the one who reads your posts and enjoys it.

    It's wise to build up your audience from the start, whoever visits your site try asking them to subscribe to your news letters by asking them an email using a popup or a form. So that everytime you write a new post or a blog they will receive an email.

    Most probably this gives a high chance of getting your retention rate higher.

    Plugins needed for a WordPress for Email subscriptions can be found  here.







    This is the most important aspect of your site, this determines the capacity of your website to rank higher when people search for you.

    This is critical and there are many things that you need to consider before doing SEO. SEO is a skill to master. Some smart plugins can help you in jumping the hurdles by giving you suggestions to improve your post by asking you to use keywords, increase readability and much more.

    This is a wide area that requires a lot to cover.

    To make your life easier, We recommend to use the following plugins.

    1. Yoast







    It's necessary that you see how your website performs on the Internet. Having a great post is not just enough.

    We need to see how our website interacts with the user and which page gets more or less views, What can be done to increase the quality, Which page has less views, Which country has higher viewers and much more. If you are using Ads to monetize, then you can also measure what all clicks you get from your website. Also this helps in optimising our site to gain more traffic and perform well.

    So that you will have good idea on what to do and what not to do.

    The plugins below will help you in reaching your goal. Make sure you install any one of this. For real time data analysis.








    For a website to grow, it is necessary that you have an option on receiving feedbacks from your audience which is a great way to connect. A well connected website with its Audience grows more. It's better to have a contact form that will help your audience to send an email to you.

    Feedbacks from a real user is a valuable asset.

    There are plugins that does the job for you.

    These are the Plugins needed for a WordPress site.

    Having all these categories of plugins will help you in making your WordPress website Great!

    If don't have a WordPress website yet. We will guide you make one.

    Check out how to make a WordPress website from scratch.

    Don't just read.. Actions will help you gaining knowledge. So we recommend you to follow the guide and do it as you read along.

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